How Do You Know A Capricorn Loves You?

Showing and expressing emotions are not a Capricorn’s best suit. So how do you know a Capricorn loves you? Well, there are at least 4 ways in which they will show it.


1. They will introduce you to their friends and family

For the Capricorns, family is very important and they feel very protective of it. So if they suggest that you should meet them, it means that you’re in.

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2. They will solve or try to solve all your problems

Being a pragmatic sign, they will try and often succeed to identify and solve your problems.

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3. They will be protective

Since they love stability, they will be not only faithful, but protective of you and your relationship.

4. They are very patient

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If you need them to teach you something, to share some particular skill, they will not only be willing to do it, but will show extreme patience and care.

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