How Do You Know A Pisces Loves You?

Pisces are probably the most affectionate sign of the zodiac. You may have a hard time getting there with them because they tend to be rather shy at first. This means they will never make the first move.

But once you’ve won them over, they will flood you with affection.

Here are the 4 ways Pisces show their love for you:

1. They will be very tender and romantic with you

Pisces are very good at romance. They are not only romantic and idealistic, but also true dreamers. Allow them to dream with you!

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2. They will treat you with respect and utmost care

This is definitely a sign that you’re becoming a very important person in their lives. Pisces will consider your opinions and show they are there for you.

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3. They won’t shy away from public displays of affection

Once you overcome the first stage when Pisces are mostly shy, they will start showing their affection with kisses and hugs and nothing will stop them.

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4. They will share their art and projects with you

If a Pisces starts sharing their personal projects, often artistic because of their dreamy nature, it means they’re fond of you. That’s one of the most amazing ways they can prove their love for you.

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