7 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Pisces

Pisces can get hurt pretty easily. In fact, they are probably the most sensitive star sign. So if your loved one if a Pisces and you intend to keep them around, then you shouldn’t tell them these things.

1. You’re way too sensitive

That’s the number one offense for Pisces people. They are sensitive and empathetic, so deal with it.

2. Why do you wear all those weird clothes?

Pisces are known for being artsy and creative and they like to express this side of theirs in their fashion style too.

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3. You could use to lose some weight

This will sound bad for anyone, no matter their sign. But because Pisces usually need a lot of reassurance, they can’t hear this from you.

4. Passive-aggressive much?

Sometimes, Pisces choose to not be very direct with you. But don’t push it and tell them this; it won’t help.

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5. You’re crazy

You can mean that in a good way or a bad way. But an emotional Pisces will think of it in a negative way. So don’t.

6. I’m not interested in your art, sorry.

This will surely crush their spirit. And any artist’s, for that matter.

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7. You should get your head out of the clouds!

Pisces love to daydream. So make sure you’re not to one to burst their bubble.

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