How Do You Know A Virgo Loves You?

Virgos have a rather odd way of showing affection for their loved ones. Chances are you have a clue if you’re already in a relationship with one.

So here are the 4 ways these perfectionists show you they love you:

1. They organize

Surprise, surprise. The first thing they do when they want to give you all their love is to arrange things and clear the clutter.

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Strange as it may seem for someone who isn’t a Virgo, for them it’s a nice and neat way to prove to you how much they care.

2. They will hold your hand when you need support

They know how to be there for you when you need comfort, and don’t hold back from showering you with hugs and kisses.

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3. They will call you out on your mistakes

When a Virgo criticizes you, that means they care. A lot. That’s their trademark. They make sure you become a better person and they truly want what’s best for you.

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4. They will share everything with you

Whether it’s food or an ice-cold drink or their deepest wishes, a Virgo is always willing to share things with their lover. That’s another sign that they really love you.

Although some might say Virgos are generally cold, they can also be very warm and affectionate towards you.

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