How To Find Joy When You Feel Empty Inside

You might have everything you thought you wanted and still feel empty inside. Your job, your partner and even your kids might be just fine. Everything that you though would make you happy. But are you really?

You know the feeling. Having nothing to complain about, doing better than most and still not being able to recognize yourself in the mirror. Not because you have lines on your face. Not because you’ve gained a couple of pounds. But because something inside you says your life cannot continue like this. It could, but you won’t be able to live it as it is. On automatic pilot. Smiling just to be polite. Not feeling anything worth mentioning to a friend.

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It might be exhaustion, it might be anxiety, it might be a midlife crisis. You don’t have to define it. But you have to acknowledge it. These confusing, change provoking feelings need to be taken seriously.

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What is the change that you need, but fear to initiate? What gives you joy through the day, but you have less and less time to do? What drains you and makes you feel hollow?

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These are the types of questions you owe it to yourself to ask and answer. Sincerely. Realistically, but keeping the spark of hope alive. These answers are yours and yours only. They will become, if you really try, the first steps you take to tear and build yourself up again. Please, share this!