3 Things To Do When You Feel Like You’re Wasting Your Life

Feeling like your life is a total waste is something that we all have felt at some point in our lives. It can cut right through your soul, leaving you barren inside, empty, dragging your body aimlessly as if you’re a brainless puppet. Lingering out the days and nights is your one and only activity. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re literally throwing your youth away, inch by inch. That’s something that weighs you down even more into the abyss of your despair because youth cannot be redeemed.

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Finding purpose in life is the sole desire of humans. But when the purpose is hiding or is out of reach, life feels like a great misfortune.

You have lost your spirit, you no longer possess the mojo that used to light up your face. You see no passion or motivation in front of you. A sense of boredom is ingrained in your heart and nothing looks exciting at the horizon, you see no point in doing anything anymore. Just so you can fill that void, you sink into addictions . Binge watching, your cell phone, social gatherings, outings, you know too well that you shouldn’t be doing these things but you spend way too much time on them.

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The feeling that you are unworthy will haunt you down in the end and will break you into a million pieces. You feel as though there is nothing valuable in you to give. You think your life is completely worthless and you project this insecurity onto the people surrounding you. They won’t see your worth unless you feel worthy of yourself.

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Thinking way too much about what’s wrong in life and spending time pondering about what others are doing is another sign of totally wasting your life. Complaining and gossiping are your top activities because bringing other people down or pointing out their shortcomings makes you feel less guilty about not leading the life you want to.

You are never going to be younger than you are at this moment. Keep that in mind and stop wasting your life!

What can you do when life seems to be so meaningless to you?

1.Begin with yourself. Only within will you find peace and meaning. Only from the inside can you take the power to come out on top. Only you have the keys to your happiness, don’t wait around waiting for something to come along and fulfill you because it never will. Find yourself, know yourself, seek meaning. If your life is not spiritually enriching, the sense of waste will always govern you. Spend more time in nature, contemplate life, start doing yoga, try meditation. Don’t let your spirit be neglected, nurture your soul!

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2. Instead of being consumed by self-pity, you should aim to be better, every day. Help the one next to you, offer a lending hand to your friends, call that person who’s in dire need of help. Make someone else’s day better. By adding value to somebody else’s life, you start improving your sense of self-worth.

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3. Once and for all, stop worrying about what others are doing and start worrying about why are you worried about what they’re doing. Forget the past and forgive yourself, shut the voice in your head telling you that you’ve wasted such a long time not spending life in the best way possible. Accept  and forgive yourself. Love yourself. And you will find inspiration to take a step towards a more fulfilling life.

Healing comes from within. Be easy on yourself, you are enough. Pass this on!