How To Respond To Someone Who Tries To Guilt Trip You

Guilt tripping is a form of emotional manipulation. People who use it, unconsciously or not, want to control you.  Here are 4 things you can do in order to avoid their trap.

1. Don’t try to change them

Explaining to an emotional manipulator that he or she is a emotional manipulator and that their behavior is wrong may work. But chances are it won’t, since this kind of behavior worked for them in the past so they are prone to repeat it. All you can do is change your attitude towards them.

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2. Learn to say “no”

Being a nice person is a virtue. Trying to please everybody is a compulsion. People who use guilt tripping to get their way bet on your willing to ignore your own boundaries in order to keep everybody happy. Everybody except yourself. Refusing to accept unreasonable requests is one of the best responses to manipulative tactics.

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3. Work on your self-esteem

Guilt tripping usually works because some people lack confidence in their actions and therefore they feel guilty for no good reason. If you are confident that you have done nothing wrong, then the guilt they try to arouse in you won’t come to play.

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4. Practice

Practice these responses to guilt tripping every chance you get. You won’t be victorious every time, but whenever you stand up for yourself, reward yourself. This is will encourage you to make a habit out of it.  Please, share this!