Alanis Morissette And James Corden Sing An Updated Version of ‘Ironic’

There are probably few people out there who haven’t heard the smash hit of Alanis Morrisette, “Ironic”, from 1995. The song brought her two Grammy nominations and six MTV Video Music Awards nominations.

However, if you know the song, chances are you already know by now that it’s not exactly about irony. But we don’t really care as long as it’s good music. Right?

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More than 20 years later, Alanis decided to update the song a little bit to fit today’s cultural issues. In a duet with “The Late Late Show” host, James Corden, Morrisette sings about modern trends like Facebook or Netflix. At the end of the song, she even makes fun a bit of the fact that there are no ironies. Quite ironic, isn’t it?

Read the lyrics below and see for yourself:

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An old friend sends you a Facebook request
You only find out they’re racist after you accept
There’s free office cake on the first day of your diet
It’s like they announce a new iPhone the day after you buy it
And isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?
It’s like swiping left on your future soulmate
It’s a Snapchat that you wish you had saved
It’s a funny tweet that nobody faves
And who would’ve thought it figures

It’s a traffic jam when you try to use Waze
A no-smoking sign when you brought your vape
It’s 10,000 male late-night hosts when all you want is just one woman, seriously!
It’s singing the duet of your dreams, and then Alanis Morissette shouting at you
And isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?
A little too ironic, and yeah I really do think

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t’s like you’re first class on a Southwest plane
Then you realize that every seat is the same
It’s like Amazon but your package never came
And who would’ve thought it figures

It’s like Netflix but you own DVDs
It’s a free ride but your Uber’s down the street
It’s singing “Ironic,” but there are no ironies
And who would’ve thought it figures

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