If You Sing In The Shower, Science Has Great News For You

Singing in the shower doesn’t exactly have the reputation that singing on Broadway does. You may have picked up this habit because you like doing it. Or maybe the shower just seems like a better idea rather than the stage, less frightening.

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But guess what? Apparently, this activity is extremely good for you and your health. So science is here to change the way we’ve been looking at this habit for so long.

According to recent studies, singing has tons of benefits for your emotional as well as physical well-being.

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In fact, it’s better for you if you start your day with breaking into song than with coffee. Really.

Research in this area also tells us that singing, especially in a choir, leads to better immune system. This means that singers are less likely to catch a flu or anything else going around.

Singing is also incredible for your heart as well as your cortisol. That’s because those who developed the habit of singing, whether it’s a daily practice for a career in music or just out of passion, are less stressed individuals.

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So if you’re feeling down, please don’t stop the music – in fact, go ahead and sing along! Don’t shy away from the neighbors. Because singing is not amazing just for your heart, but your mind too.

When you play those notes, especially the high ones, your brain releases endorphins and oxytocin – all the good stuff. This is what causes you to feel so full of energy, calm and happy. What happens is very much like the well-known runner’s high, except that you’re high on singing. Cool, right?

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The effects of singing on your mind and body are indeed similar to those of exercising, yoga, meditation and having sex or dancing. It’s one of the safest and surest ways to relieve your anxiety and stress and have a good time. What’s not to love about singing? Not to mention it combats loneliness and sadness.

So yay for singing in the shower – or anywhere else. Don’t forget to let your musical friends know about this!