Sad Clown Stuns America’s Got Talent Audience With Unique Cover Of Sia’s ‘Chandelier’

Almost everybody hates clowns or is afraid of them, except for kids maybe. But there is this one extremely talented clown who will change all that. His stage name is Puddles Pity Party and he’s actually not a real clown, as you might have guessed. He recently appeared on the America’s Got Talent show and left a mark on everyone present. Soon after his singing number, the internet lost it at the sight (rather, hearing) of crazy talent.

Those familiar with this kind of shows know that Simon Cowell is very, and I mean very hard to impress. And when Puddles walked on stage in his clown suit, we thought this would just be another performance that will leave Simon cold.

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To everyone’s shock, the silent clown not only delivered an impeccable performance, but also a very powerful and memorable one.

He chose to answer the judges’ questions without saying any word – at this point, everyone in the audience thought they were about to witness a comedy number or a cheap stand-up. They were convinced everything was all just a joke that will go unnoticed. Little did they know Puddles was about to blew their minds away with a rare singing voice that combines some of the greatest voices in the music industry from Elvis, to Elton John and Freddie Mercury.

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After he delivered a breath-taking performance of the well-known Sia song, Chandelier, the crowd went nuts and just showered him with applause. Probably the most shocking part was when the one and only Simon Cowell gave him a standing ovation (followed by 2 other members of the jury).

He went on to describe Puddles as “fantastically brilliant”, also claiming his act was “originality at its best”. All these compliments and the reaction of the audience moved the sad clown with the golden voice to tears.

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The show is known for odd and fantastic numbers, but nothing can compare to what Puddles brought forth. His stage presence and vocal skills, coupled with the heart he puts into each cover make him a unique contestant and artist.

However, this wasn’t the first time Puddles Pity Party impressed an audience. He became an internet sensation when his performance of Royals by Lorde went viral on YouTube (put together by Postmodern Jukebox). However, after his appearance at AGT, he managed to build a strong fan base. You may follow his YouTube channel here to see what the madness is all about. And don’t forget to check out the brilliant performance on the America’s Got Talent show!

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