This Is How You Know For Sure She’s A Keeper

You’re madly in love with her and the whole Universe is telling you you’ll be together for a long time. But how can you tell for sure that she’s the one for you? That you’ll end up happy together?

If she has these qualities, you know you’ve found your special one. So make sure you don’t take her for granted and cherish her as much as you can!

1. She means the world to you

If you light up every time you see her or if she makes you feel at peace whenever you’re around her, then you know it’s something truly valuable you’ve found.

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2. She is empathetic and nurturing

Nurturing doesn’t imply she is there to feed you and it doesn’t mean she has to be motherly towards you. It’s enough to be concerned about you every once in a while or worried if you’re in trouble.

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3. She inspires you to be a better person

This is probably fundamental. If you’re more loving in general and more appreciative of life since you’ve met her, then you know this is the right thing for you.

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4. She is honest and supportive

Honesty cannot be the missing element in a romantic relationship. Sometimes radical honesty will get you both far, if you are well-intended.

Keep her close and tell her how much she means to you! Share this!