Only Two Types Of People Stay Friends With Their Exes

What do you think? Should one stay friends with an ex? It’s a somewhat controversial issue, people usually fall into two categories: the ones who think it’s outrageous to remain friends with your ex and the ones who don’t. A new study suggests that people who want to stay friends with their exes are either narcissists or psychopaths.

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According to the research, people who exhibit ‘dark personality traits’ are more likely to show interest in maintaining the friendship after the break-up. Apparently, they desire to stay close to their exes because, one way or another, they benefit from it.

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People who tend to have one of the shady features like duplicity, Machiavellianism, narcissism or psychopathy do it for “practical and sexual reasons”. For financial reasons, booty calls or for their own ego, they always have something to gain from their exes. Narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths use people around them to get what they want.

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When asked how they came to this decision, the participants of the study gave innocent answers like ‘I couldn’t imagine my life without him‘ or shrewd ones, ‘I wanted to make their new partner jealous’.

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Though it sounds great in theory, other studies show that the relationship after separating is far less honest or satisfying, with exes showing less interest, compassion, emotional support, help or trust.

So if your ex is keen on staying friends with you, there might be something dark going on with them. Beware, they only want to get something from you! Please share!