The Perks Of Being A Short Girl

Being a short girl is so much fun! There are many advantages to being tinier than the rest. For one, you can feel comfortable in all the tight places. You get to have more leg room when you travel. Isn’t that great? People will always think you’re cute because they associate cuteness with being small. Why do you think all the kitties and puppies are so adorable? Read on to find out the perks of being a short girl!

Of course, there are other benefits of being shorter than average. Truth is, short people are special in many ways. Also, they tend to be more in the center of attention but also easily remembered.

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Short Girls Always Look Younger Than They Are

The other great thing about being short is that people will always be confused about your age, which is to say they will always think you’re younger than you are. That may not be so cool when you’re 17 and people often mistaken you for a 12 year-old. But hey, it gets better as you age. Who wouldn’t want to look like they’re in their 20s when they’re actually 40?

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Short Girls Don’t Have to Worry About Bumping Their Head Into Things

How about you never have to watch out for things you can bump your head into? My personal experience tells me this is such a huge relief. And although it may seem that heels were invented for us, you always have the option to not wear them if you don’t feel comfortable. Sure, they look great on you, but doesn’t that mean you want to be taller? And why be taller when being small is so amazing?

There is one other thing you will never have to worry about: blocking someone’s view at a concert, at the cinema or anywhere else you can think of. And you can always squeeze in at live concerts to get to the nearest spot next to the stage.

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And that’s not all! Watch our video to see other reasons why short girls are great!

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