Is It Possible To Be Both An Empath And A Narcissist?

Empaths are highly sensitive people who can tune in to other people’s energy, emotions as well as thoughts. They are generally the skilled listeners among us and those who will go at great lengths to help others. When someone shows empathy, they are giving themselves fully to the person they’re with.

These individuals are also very intuitive, they like to observe and analyze things, like people’s behavior. This is what makes them read others so well.

But here’s the thing: narcissists are like that as well. They are excellent at reading people and analyzing their behavior. Does this make someone both an empath and a narcissist at the same time?

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Actually, no. This is not possible. Now that we’ve established they have these traits in common, we also realize there’s a major gap between them. Being one or the other implies more than merely being aware of others’ emotions.

The big difference between an empath and a narcissist lies in their intentions.

While they’re both skilled in listening and reading people, they have completely different things on their mind when doing that. Empaths feel other people’s emotions and needs for selfless reasons, that is they’re not in it for personal gains. All they want is to be your friend, and show genuine care and compassion. This is what makes them the healers or those who can fix others’ emotional issues.

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They understand what you need and would do everything in their power to help. One way they choose to do this is by replacing the low vibes of the troubled friend with positive energy. In that sense, they are all about bringing peace and harmony in a relationship by focusing on high vibrations.

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There’s a whole different story with narcissists. Their intentions are purely egotistical. They usually suck the energy out of you and try to manipulate your emotions so as to control you. The aim is to always obtain something for themselves, whether it’s a material or emotional benefit. This means they are not genuinely interested in the other person. What counts is having their ego satisfied. And if you hurt them or attack them in any way, they will make sure you regret it.

This is why empaths and narcissists are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Please share this to let others know of the difference between them!