Science Says You Can Attract Someone If You Do These 4 Things

We tend to think that attracting someone is an art. But science has a different idea. Here are 4 scientifically proven ways to attract someone.

1. Having a sense of humor

Studies have shown that women and men alike are attracted to people with a sense of humor. The reason for this is that a sense of humor is a sign of high intelligence.

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2. Making them feel appreciated

When you discover that somebody likes you, you begin to consider the other as being more attractive than you thought initially. That’s why expressing interest in what the other has to say will in return make them like you more.

3. Doing something exciting together

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Instead of trying to impress your date with an expansive dinner, try to do something really exciting. An activity that gets your blood pumping will get the adrenaline going, which will create the feeling of romantic attachment.

4. Sharing intimate details

Talking about your childhood, about your likes and dislikes and your travels can create a bonding moment between two potential partners.

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This does not mean bragging. On the contrary, telling an embarrassing story about yourself may actually increase your chances, since it signals that you acknowledge and accept the fact that we are all imperfect human beings.

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