This Social Epidemic Is Worse For Our Health Than Smoking And Obesity

There are a few modern day illnesses and epidemics that wreak havoc on our health such as diabetes or smoking. Not to mention the serious threats to our mental health like stress, anxiety and depression.

But there is one epidemic, social in nature, that is also devastating for us and no one really talks about it.

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A new study has revealed that loneliness and social isolation are just as threatening for our overall health, if not even more dangerous than obesity and other such illnesses.

Are you surprised?

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This is a groundbreaking discovery because we don’t usually think of loneliness as a disease. If someone is feeling lonely or isolated, they will definitely not make an appointment with their doctor.

But maybe we should treat this matter with more care.

And it’s not enough for us to be surrounded by people period. What it takes to really combat this social threat is to feel connected with those around us. Also, to have a support group and feel loved and cared for.

This and this alone could significantly improve our health, and we’re actually talking about physical health as well. Kindness can literally make us feel more alive and like we belong.

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The need to belong to a certain group is a basic human need. Although we recognize the importance of healthy habits such as exercising or healthy eating, we cannot survive on these alone.

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