Somebody Is Suing California State To Protect Bigfoot

Bigfoot is an important character in our modern mythology. People claim to see it all over the American continent. Usually it turns out to be a man in a gorilla suit or a shaman dressed in furs. Now, there’s a woman suing the California state to force it to recognize the creature as a species and protect it.

Big Foot, like its cousin Yeti, has many fans around the world. Strangely enough, there’s also a Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. In 2017, the creature got its own documentary, the goal being to prove its existence.

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Now, a resident of the California state, after what she considers to be an undeniable encounter with the creature, wants to sue California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Natural Resources Agency, in order to seek protection for the species.

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“For over a hundred years, thousands of men and women across the State of California claim to have witnessed a bipedal hominoid creature that received its common name, Bigfoot, 60 years ago,” the lawsuit reads.

“[We] bring to this court overwhelming evidence that proves what will be considered one of the greatest discoveries of our time.”

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If Bigfoot gets the recognition its fans need, they ask the state to protect its habitat. Also, the state should take the necessary measures to protect the hikers against it.

Here is the video posted on YouTube by the initiator of the lawsuit. Enjoy and share this article!