Study Says You Are Highly Creative If You Do These 3 Things

Creativity is not exactly a learned skill. Sure, there are ways to boost your creativity and expand your mind, but most often you are born with certain inclinations.

Are you an innovator or do you prefer to do things the old way? However, being attached to some of your old habits or traditions doesn’t make any less creative.

Studies show that people who do these 3 things are more creative than others. Also, contrary to popular belief, creativity is not restricted to arts only. You can make use of your excellent creative skills in your business as well.

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So here’s what creative individuals have in common:

1. You can switch off from work with ease

Creative minds need to find time for relaxation which is why they have developed the skill of taking their mind off from work. Big ideas usually pop up when the brain is relaxed, but only after many moments of search.

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2. You ask questions about everything

Yes, creative people are very curious folks and need to be in the know at all times. They have knowledge in more than one area simply because they have an insatiable thirst for learning.

Discovering new things is a big part of creating other fresh ideas that combine elements from arts, history, astronomy, and why not, gastronomy.

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3. You make creativity a habit or a ritual

Highly creative people know the importance of creating something, no matter how small, as often as they can, even daily. This is how they turn this into a habit.

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