10 Truths About Aries


Aries are fierce, commanding, and energetic people. In a lot of ways, people born under this zodiac sign are like children. They are incredibly direct, frank, but also self-centered and willful.

Also like a child, they approach the world with an optimistic innocence. They are the most progressive and spontaneous sign of the zodiac. Read on for more truths about Aries.

Known to be natural adventurers, Aries will always feel a strong impulse to explore. They somehow manage to be the star wherever they go, and they shine very brightly in social situations. Their ego never needs the approval of others, as they are so self-assured. But they do demand that those around them pay attention to them, because they know how much they have to offer others. An Aries that does not slow down, and introspect on their actions and feeling, often runs the risk of breaking down emotionally when their self-confidence is undermined by those who do not listen.

Always known to be physical, the competitive Aries will need to explore their limits in order to feel like they are growing. They always need to be in action, and prefer it over introspection. Periodically they choose to withdraw from life and take the time to study and figure out a problem from a distance.

Aries are generally great leaders.

Unfortunately, some people born under this sign do not have the courage to explore their full potential and choose to be more laid back. But this is a mistake because all of them have exceptional leadership skills.

If you want to attract them, the best option is to play hard to get. They love challenges! Not only will this peak their interest, it will cater to their need for competition. Getting you as a prize will be rewarding, but be sure to give them the chance to catch you. If not, they will get discouraged and move on to a fresh, new conquest.

They like to flirt.

People born under this zodiac sign are insanely flirtatious and they often take initiative when it comes to romance. They are not afraid of anything. Their passion and need for adventure will bring a lot of excitement and energy to a relationship. Once in love, they will be committed for life. The best, most long lasting relationships for an Aries always incorporate spice and activities that keep their fire burning. Every single day with them will be different and filled with thrills, and they will make sure that their love will never be boring or average.

Fiery. Curious. Outspoken.

Aries is the epitome of thrilling and spontaneous. If you want them to fall in love with you, organize them a surprise trip. It will blow their mind! They admire people who help them experience new things, so changing up their routine is always exciting for an Aries.

Choose a place they have never been to, and don’t plan anything. Explore together, learn together, and simply have fun living in the moment. They will absolutely love it. The only way to gain an Aries’ respect is to be very self-confident and independent. If you have a life outside your friendship or relationship with an Aries, they will respect you deeply.

Being best friends with an Aries means that you are going to have a lot of fun. The most boring day will turn into something spectacular with them. Befriending an Aries means that you are in store for a loft of sarcastic, witty humor. But although they may joke around a lot, an Aries will always respect and appreciate you. They are some of the most loyal friends in the Zodiac.

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