How To Tell If A Guy Likes You By His Body Language

Determining whether a guy likes you or not can be a tough call if you don’t usually pay attention to details. There are all these questions that pop in your head: is he just being friendly or is he really interested?

Luckily, his body language when around you can give away his true feelings for you. So next time you meet, look for these 7 signs:

1. He smiles when he sees you

This could also mean he is just being friendly, but it usually means something else.

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2. He faces you

Make sure you pay attention to how he positions his body when in the room.

3. He looks at you frequently

If he tries to meet your eyes with whatever chance he gets, then he definitely likes you.

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4. He seems nervous

Guys are just as likely to be nervous around women they like so don’t forget about this tiny detail.

5. He mimics you

When we like someone, we have the tendency to mimic them. This is often a subconscious act that is called mirroring.

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6. He tries to draw your attention with small and exaggerated gestures

If he talks louder when in the room with you or tries to be in the center of attention, than he might just want to get your attention.

7. He touches you

A guy who likes you will go out of his way to try and touch you.

So, does he like you?