How To Tell You’re More Than Just Friends

So he’s your best buddy. You can talk to them about anything, you practically finish each other’s sentences and you have so much in common. You’re having so much fun around them and you just can’t wait to see them again. Even though you’re spending most of your free time in their company.

Being best friends with someone can undoubtedly make our lives better. We know there’s that one person out there who can give us a shoulder to lean on when we most need it.

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And then, it’s super fun!

But it has crossed your mind recently that it could be more… Those ‘what if’s’ that you just can’t let go of…

At the same time, you’re also thinking you really don’t want to ruin the precious friendship you have. I mean, it could get messy if things go further.

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Here are a few signs that you might want more than friendship from your best buddy:

You have this crazy urge to be with them all the time.

You may see them every day, but you still want to be with them more often. This is an undeniable sign that you would like to have more than a friendship with them.

You catch yourself fantasizing about them or thinking about them when they’re not around.

That is more than we usually think of our friends.

You feel jealous

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If you get a bit jealous when they tell you they’re going out with someone, then it’s a ‘more than friends’ alert!

Your physical interactions change

Maybe you go from merely hugging to more kissing or touching them, even holding or cuddling with them. It means you are longing to get intimate in fact.

Are you secretly in love with your best friend? 

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