Yes, Being Lazy Is A Sign Of High Intelligence

At a first sight, we would probably not associate laziness with being clever than others. But if you’ve been procrastinating going to the gym lately, we’ve got news for you!

Now you have a legit reason to engage in less physical activity and be around the house doing, well, nothing. But there’s a catch.

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According to these recent studies, people who are more intelligent are more likely to spend time away from the gym or from physical exercising.

Now this may not sound very healthy, but it’s the life of a thinker. These people spend so much quality time in their heads, thinking and analyzing that they rarely get bored.

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Ironically, laziness contributes to productivity. Research in this area tells us that intelligent people spend more time lazing around.

So sitting around all day working at solutions in their witty minds sounds like heaven for them.

Whereas people with lower intellectual abilities need more stimulation from physical or external activities. Like meeting a friend or go running in the park. But we all know that for that to happen, we have to leave the house first.

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These studies seem to indicate that people with brilliant minds are more reluctant when it comes to going out the door. The same goes for introverted individuals.

But you know what? Science says it’s alright.

So just be yourself and forget about what everyone thinks! Share this!