The 10 Rules Of Karma

The theory of karma says everything that happens to a person takes place because of their actions. In other words, the past impinges upon the present. The philosophy of karma has ancient roots and has been widely spread in the Eastern regions, where it is considered a spiritual, philosophical and ethical fact.

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Meaning action, work or deed, karma is based on the spiritual principle of cause and effect where our actions and intentions will have an influence on our future. Fair enough, good intent and good deeds will provide good karma and future happiness while the bad ones contribute to bad karma and future adversity. But what are the rules of karma? How exactly does karma affect us?

1. What you give is what you get

“As you sow, so shall you reap”. Whatever it is that you’re doing on this Earth, what you get is what you give. The Universe works on always giving back what we as individuals give. In other words, if happiness, love, peace is what we desire then we should be happy, loving and peaceful.

2. Humility

The law of humility refers more to acceptance, acknowledgment, and awareness. What we refuse to accept will come back to haunt us. It could be explained in terms of denial, what you choose to not see in your life becomes more difficult to deal with in the future. Everything you choose to ignore will eventually eat you up inside.

3. Growth

“Wherever you go, there you are”. To grow in Spirit means we must change. Everything falls into place when we change ourselves and not what surrounds us, people, things or places. When we change on a deeper level, who and what we are within our heart, our life will unfold as it should.

4. Responsibility

It is an imperative thing that we all should take responsibility for what is happening in our life. Not everything is out of our control, we do have a say in creating our own destiny and reality. Thus we mirror what surrounds us and what surrounds us, mirror us.

5. Connection

Every little thing around us and every action we take, whether it’s in the past, present or future, is interrelated. The smallest things we do are connected to the largest ones. First steps or last are not important because they are both needed in the process.

6. Focus

It’s quite important to be focused, to be immersed in the present moment, and to do only one thing at a time. Because you cannot think of two things at the same time. As long as we focus on spiritual values, having greedy or angry thoughts will be beneath us.

7. Here and now

Living in the present and cherishing the moment is paramount to nourishing your soul. Past thoughts and concerns, old patterns of behavior prevent us from living in the moment, from being immersed in the here and now and having new and fresh thoughts.

8. Change

Unless we don’t learn the lessons life teaches us, life will repeat itself. It’s essential we change and accept the things we need to learn.

9. Patience and reward

Everything that’s worth your while requires work. Until you’ve exercised your patience, rewards will not follow.

10. Significance and inspiration

Whatever you put into something, you get out. You’ll depict the true value of something as the result of the energy and intent you put into it. You must be involved 100% in everything you do and put love and passion in whatever you’re creating.

The karmic rules of life are so just and reasonable, we should all live by them! Share this post with your friends!