The Essential Feng Shui Rule For Every Bedroom

The concept of feng shui has been embraced by Western philosophy for quite some time. To be in harmony with the environment, that’s the definition of the ancient Chinese system of thought. It implies creating a space that allows the energy of the universe to flow naturally and aims to form a balance between opposing elements around us, known as ‘yin and yang’.

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It’s not an easy task to feng shui your home, you ought to find the right balance by blending these five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Everything in the universe is made up of two opposing but interconnected forces, ‘yin’ which is feminine and ‘yang’, which is masculine. When trying to respect the basic rules of feng shui decorating, you should aim for the balance of these two elements.

There are some few rules that must never be broken when feng shui decorating. One of the basic don’ts in feng shui is to not keep anything under the bed. Except for one thing.

The space under the bed should be empty and clean so that the flow of energy can freely circulate. That’s how we ensure we have a good night’s sleep and our unconscious mind does not absorb all the clutter in our head or bad energy. This is the reason why, at any expense, we should not keep photos, letters or personal items under out bed.

The one single item you’re allowed to keep under the bed is a ‘treasure box.’

This box is like a tool for passing on some of your most ardent desires and intentions as well as a means of opening the unconscious to the possibilities of these wishes coming true. Basically, it’s a place for what you want to attract in life.

If you want money, you should fill the box with jewelry, banknotes or gold coins. If you seek love, place only natural things like oils, candles, natural scents, and creams.

The quality of the box is also really important because it dictates the energy vibration. You should aim for the best quality there is and know that wood attracts growth, jewels encrusted box is for abundance, glass for clarity, knitted for movement and flexibility or ceramic for attention and care.

Respect this feng shui rule if you want to be in sync with your surroundings! Please share this!