10 Questions That Reveal If Your Relationship Will Last

Want to find out how strong your relationship is? Want to know whether you and your partner are going to make it? This simple test will reveal whether your relationship is going to last or not.

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Relationship expert Kate Wray created a set of simple questions that can predict whether they are the one for you. If you answer positively to eight out of ten questions, your relationship is in for the long haul.

1. Are you the best versions of yourselves?

Can you say you have become the best version of yourself since you have been in this relationship? Is your partner making you want to be a better human being?

2. Do you trust each other blindly?

Do you have full faith in your spouse as to never suspect him of anything shady? Do you feel the need to know every aspect of their night out? Are you concerned they might be doing something else when they’re not with you? Are you tempted to check his phone or email? If so, the answer to this question is a definite ‘no’.

3. Do you consider yourselves to be the lucky ones in the relationship?

This has to go both ways. If only one of you thinks they’re the lucky one in the relationship, it’s not one for the long run.

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4. Do you imagine yourselves growing old together?

If you have talked about spending the rest of your lives together and you see each other holding hands when you’re old, it’s a positive sign they might be your soulmate.

5. Are you best friends?

Do you tell each other everything, do you talk every day and make each other laugh all the time?

6. Do you like their friends and family?

If they don’t enjoy spending time with your family and friends, something is clearly off. They define you so it’s uncool if your partner does not like them.

7. Do you support each other’s decisions?

Offering unconditional support signals a long-lasting relationship.

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8. Do you spend time apart?

Do you do things apart? You should have your own hobbies and friends you see separately so that your relationship never gets boring. This way, you will appreciate more the time spent together.

9. Do you have interests together?

There has to be a balance between the last two. You should share some interests, whether it’s an activity you both love doing or a show you’re both fans of.

10. Do you agree on the big stuff?

Clearly, there are always going to be debatable topics but agreeing on the big picture is what matters in the end. How do you want to raise your children, where is this relationship heading, how do you see your financial future?

These are all super important questions that must be answered before tying the knot. Please share and help other couples decide!