The Real Meaning Behind The Most 6 Common Dreams

Dreams are a big part of our life. Some say that all of our dreams reflect patterns of human behavior and mirror who we actually are deep down. Take a look at the real meaning behind the most common dreams.

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1. Being chased

It’s pretty obvious, right? Being chased means you’re definitely running away from something in your waking life. It may be your own anxiety, fear or other issues that distress you.

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2. Teeth falling out

Another common nightmare is dreaming your teeth are falling out. This suggests you have frustrations about your looks or the way others perceive you. Perhaps you struggle with insecurities that come from fear of rejection or embarrassment.

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3. Cannot find a toilet

Not finding a toilet could mean that you find it hard to express your feelings. It suggests you need to take some personal time.

4. Flying

If flying is difficult for you in dreams, a possible explanation would be that someone or something is holding you back and blocking you from moving to the next chapter in your life.

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5. Naked in public

Dreaming about appearing naked in public may symbolize personal doubt or problems with finding your true self.

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6. Falling

When you enjoy falling down, you’re not afraid of change. If you’re scared when that happens, it means you’re dealing with anxiety and a great deal of stress.

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