This Simple Elementary Problem Has Left The Internet Totally Stumped

At first sight, it seems like an easy problem to solve. After all, we all learned in grade school how to get to the bottom of this type of brain-itching math problems. How about now? Do you think you can work it out?

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Here it is, the simple elementary problem that has left the internet completely stumped:

We can imagine you haven’t actually brushed up your math skills lately, so it’s normal not to know the answer from the get-go. Luckily, the whiz guys from MindYourDecisions made a video to explain how they got to the correct answer.

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Here’s another math problem that leaves users puzzled:

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Here is the resolution:

Divide 3 by 1/3, which gives you 9. Then move onto the subtraction portion of the problem – subtract 9 from 9, which then give you 0. Finally, add 1 and your total sum is 1. The correct answer is 1. 

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