Top 4 Most Common Dreams And What They Really Mean

We’ve always associated dreams with mystery and enigmas. Some of us are really fascinated with them and keep trying to figure out what they mean. Because we dream every single night for about 90 minutes it makes sense to try and see what they’re really about.

We can all agree that most of the times our dreams are plain strange and we can’t tell how come we had that dream in the first place. They often mix with memories, hidden feelings and wishes, but also things that happen in our lives at that particular time. Maybe the reason why they intrigue us so much is because they appear to make no sense. But what if they do? Here are our top 4 most common dreams and what they really mean.

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1. Falling

This is probably one of the most common dreams we have. If you feel you’re falling in your dream, it means you need to let go of something you hold on to in your life. The best thing would be to relax and let it go. Allowing things to fall into place naturally will help you on longer term. No need to be worried about losing control.

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2. Flying

This is another dream that is pretty common, although not all people have this dream regularly. When you’re able to fly in your dream, it means you’ve released yourself from something that was weighing you down in real life. This is a sign that you have managed to raise above your limitations and circumstances.

3. Being Naked

If you have a dream of yourself naked, this usually means you feel somewhat vulnerable in everyday life, be it physiologically or emotionally.

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4. Being Chased

This can feel very frightening in our dreams as it’s one of the most vivid and memorable ones (maybe because it’s so scary!). This usually means you are running from a situation in your waking life that needs your attention.

Hope you enjoyed our list! Stay tuned for part 2 with more common dreams and their hidden meanings!

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