This Unusual Riddle Will Really Make You Think

This is not an ordinary riddle. It will puzzle you, as all good riddles do, but it will also make you think. Have fun with  this one!

Here’s what it’s about. Don’t forget to take your time with answering.

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Two men finally reached civilization after being lost in the desert for three days. They were both insanely thirsty so what they saw next gave them the hope they needed. It was a chemist shop.

The first guy ordered a bottle of H2O and the second guy also placed his order.

After drinking their bottles, the second guy dropped dead to the ground.

What happened?

Think about it a little before you scroll down to check the answer.

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When the second guy placed his order he said “I want H20 too” and the shop keeper gave him H202 which is Hydrogen peroxide.

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