3 Powerful Words To Inspire People In A Positive Way

No matter what they say, words do matter. It’s surprising how effective words can be once uttered. Especially in times of low self-esteem or creativity drought. The words we choose have a big effect on our behavior and other people’s reactions. Thus, using motivational words really can make a difference in our professional and personal life.

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1. ‘Could’ instead of ‘would’ or ‘should’

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Using ‘could’ instead of the two completely changes your trains of thought into something a bit more positive. It can totally boost your creativity and make you feel like you’re free to try anything at any time.

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You’re open to possibilities whereas ‘should’ or ‘would’ keep you stuck in the same frame of mind as if you’re forced to do something. Any task feels like a burden. ‘Could’ makes you feel like you’re in control. This works also for ‘choose to’ and ‘have to’. If you say ‘I choose to do…’, you will definitely have a more positive feeling about it.

2. ‘Imagine’

Using ‘Imagine’ when you speak allows others to be part of your story. When you try to make other people get your point of view or your ideas, start by suggesting them to imagine your scenario. Imagining gets several parts of your brain involved and the pictures in your head are far more effective than descriptions, according to years of research.

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3. Call them by their name

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Apparently, calling people by their name makes them like you a bit more. Researchers say unique brain patterns are activated when that happens, as opposed to hearing other people’s names.

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