Why Do They Cheat, According To Science

Why do people in happy relationships cheat? We turn to science to find out.

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1. The jealousy in the digital age

We spend so much time on digital devices that we end up ignoring our significant. They could even develop some kind of jealousy of our phone.

It is hard to maintain a long-term relationship as it is, our smartphones have become some kind of an extension of ourselves. Studies have shown that when a person chooses to devote their attention to a digital device rather than their partner, feelings of insecurity or being forsaken intensify.

2. The high of being bad

Sometimes the feeling of doing something you know is bad can make you feel more alive.

The same excitement that you felt when you were young, when you did something wrong and got away with it, that same feeling can be experienced when cheating. You feel like a badass and that gives you the thrills.

3. The rise of the underdog

The underdog in the relationship wants to play it safe so they cheat.

Because of their constant fear of not being dumped, insecure people are more likely to cheat.  So, instead of fighting for their relationships, these troubled people indulge in affairs long before the desertion occurs.

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