The 10 DO’s And DON’Ts Of Being Friends With Benefits

Let’s face it: having a friend with benefits has some amazing perks. No heartache, no stress, just pure raw attraction. What’s not appealing about having a no-strings attached kind of thing with someone you like but don’t want as a life partner?

However, it’s essential to not blur the lines or else one of you will get hurt. So keep in mind that the benefits also come with some basic rules you should both respect. Here are the 10 do’s and don’ts that will help you avoid confusion and disappointment:

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The DO’s

1. DO Be Honest

This is a really important step. There are some things you need to establish with your FWB in advance and you both need to be open and honest about everything. As long as you are on the same page, you can expect positive results. And yes, great sex.

2. DO Make Sure You Are Emotionally Ready

Casual sex is not for everybody. Most of us tend to feel a connection after we’ve slept with someone. Just make sure you are ready for this without any emotional commitment.

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3. DO Speak Your Mind

This means you can tell them what you like and don’t like in bed without any avoidance or fears. The point is to both enjoy yourselves together and you can do that better if you don’t keep things to yourself.

4. DO Use Protection

Needless to say, this is a must. This will help you stay away from trouble.

5. DO Keep Your Options  Open (For An Actual Relationship)

Don’t close yourself off to finding someone you actually see yourself with in a long-term relationship. You never know what might lie ahead.

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The DON’Ts

6. DON’T Cuddle

Cuddling helps couples in long-term relationships connect more and at a deeper level. It’s scientifically proven that cuddling encourages intimacy. Of course, there’s no reason to do that with your FWB. So keep it simple.

7. DON’T Introduce Them To Your Parents

This is a real no-no. You don’t want people in your life -whether they’re friends or family – to start nagging you about the thing you have with your FWB. So it’s best to keep it personal.

8. DON’T Be Clingy

Being clingy and needy are signs that you’re already attached. Which is to say you have developed feeling for them. Which is to say relationship ALERT. Remember this is more of a friendship, and not a full-time commitment. Once one of you becomes clingy, the fun is gone.

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9. DON’T Have Sleepovers

Spending the night at their house would be a very intimate thing to do and certainly not appropriate for the friends-with-benefits kind of thing. Say goodnight and end it there if you don’t wish to complicate things.

10. DON’T Get Jealous

This is probably the biggest DON’T of being friends with benefits. Jealousy screams feelings and involvement and attachment and eventually hurt.

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Because they are not your life partner, you shouldn’t get mad if they’re dating someone. As long as there’s honesty, no one will be cheating on no one.

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