7 Things That Will Make Your Soul Sour

No one is perfect and we are all vulnerable to doing things that can put our moral core in danger. Here are 6 things that can make your soul sour.


1. Being arrogant

People who are arrogant consider themselves to be above everyone else. They lack the humility necessary to learn from others and therefore miss important opportunities to better themselves.

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2. Seeking revenge

Revenge is a tricky thing since it can be easily confused with a sense of justice. Since revenge opens the path to a corrupt and morally gray position, it creates vicious cycles. Justice is not about getting even, it’s about agreed upon rules and conventions concerning what is the moral thing to do, what is fair.

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3. Being selfish

People who are selfish think only about themselves, they will take advantage of anyone if given the opportunity. Being selfish is not only about not sharing what you have, it is also about making decisions without taking into consideration what consequences they may have on other people.

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4. Not telling the truth

People who are pathological liars usually have started with little white lies. But dishonesty can become a habit, if you practice it enough. And soon enough, betrayal, fraud and plain abuse will make their way into your life.

5. Feeling entitled

People who always feel entitled are usually narcissists who consider themselves God’s gift to humanity. They see themselves as special and this justifies in their head any demand they might have.

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6. Putting others down

There are some people who feed themselves on other people’s misery. And if there’s no misery in sight, they create it, by insulting, criticizing for no reason and making others feel small.

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7. Being greedy

The kind of greed that is seriously malign is not about having an extra piece of pie. It’s about having more and more power and control over other people. It’s about loving material possessions so much they will stop at nothing to obtain even more.

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