Are You Dating A Narcissist? This Is How You Can Tell

Do we live in the age of narcissism? According to many psychologists, we do as narcissists seem to be everywhere these days. In political office, at your job, and unfortunately, sometimes in the bed, next to you.

What Makes Somebody A Narcissist?

Usually, we are so overwhelmed by their constant need for attention and selfish behavior, we don’t even get to guess what they are thinking. Psychology is here to map their mind. Maybe the most obvious trait of a narcissist is that everything has to be about them. Psychologists took this as a given and gave them the opportunity to reveal what’s happening in their mind every single day. Read about the 7 signs of a narcissistic mind here.

These signs may guide you and tell you that you’re dealing with a narcissist before you get too involved, but there are other ways to spot them. We all think they’re simply the ones with the biggest egos and the most impeccable appearance.

But contrary to popular belief, narcissists are not people with high self-esteem. However, there is a strong correlation between self-esteem and narcissism.

Narcissists perceive themselves differently than other people and tend to put themselves on a pedestal. Also, their relationship with their self-esteem is a rather odd one.

So how can we tell the difference between a narcissist and a person with high self-esteem? Where do we draw the line between having self-worth and the belief that we’re in fact superior?

Well, a recent study suggests there is one thing that can help us spot a narcissist very easily. Find out more here.

Narcissists In Love

Chances are you’ve dealt with at least one person who was a narcissist and things obviously didn’t end well. You may even be in love with one currently and can’t seem to tell if they are self-absorbed or simply committed to their goals.

They can be charming and persuasive with you and this is what attracted you in the first place. But if they love themselves maybe a bit too much, perhaps they’re not the right person for you. Look out for these 7 signs that you’re in a relationship with a narcissist.

There is even a new name for the narcissistic obsessive so-called love interest: love bombing. It’s particularly dangerous because most of the times, it’s really hard to tell when we’re being love bombed.

Surprisingly (or not), love bombing and genuine romantic interest are very similar, but there are some subtle differences. However, it’s fairly easy to get excited when we meet someone who seems so into us. We like the feeling, it’s addictive and it’s almost empowering.

But don’t fall into the trap. Their intentions might not be as good as yours, even though on the outside, they may appear like they’re madly in love with you. Tell the difference between a healthy interest and one that might turn toxic for you by taking into account these 4 major factors

Narcissists Vs. Empaths

Make sure you don’t blame yourself for being attracted to these people or being in a relationship with one. Psychologists tells us there’s a toxic dynamic that exists when an empath meets a narcissist. And if they fall in love too, expect fireworks – but the bad kind.

This mix is not an unusual one. In fact, empaths and narcissists interact in romantic relationships all the time. So what makes someone a narcissist? Some theories say it all starts in childhood when someone, most likely a parent, makes the child feel worthless. With a shattered ego, they grow up to be wounded adults who wreak havoc around them.

While narcissists are all about themselves, an empath will always focus on the others. They are the healer in this love equation. These people will bond very easily with a narcissist because they always seek to repair damaged people and release their pain. Find out more about what hides behind this toxic attraction here.

But is it possible to be both an empath and a narcissist? Could the two identities ever reside under one roof? Well, empaths are usually very intuitive, they like to observe and analyze things, like people’s behavior. This is what makes them read others so well.

But here’s the thing: narcissists are like that as well. They are excellent at reading people and analyzing their behavior. Does this make someone both an empath and a narcissist at the same time? Actually, no. This is not possible. The big difference between an empath and a narcissist is this.

The Link Between Narcissism And Introversion

Psychologists also tell us that there is a surprising link between introversion and another psychological trait called covert narcissism.

As it turns out, introverts and narcissists share a particular concern for the self. They both reflect upon themselves, spending loads of time in deep reflection, primarily about their persona. Thus we may say there’s a fine line between self-reflection and self-preoccupation.

Narcissists and introverts have a lot more in common than we might think. Well, that is undercover narcissists. Mostly everything revolves around their mesmerizing personality. They make a habit of believing that they’re not appreciated at their true value.

As scientists have proclaimed, covert narcissism is the ‘dark side of introversion’. Here‘s how you can tell if you are secretly a narcissist pretending to be an introvert. You can also take this test to help you find out!

All things considered, you can never trust a narcissist.

While there’s no clear recipe or foolproof methods to diagnose people around you, knowledge and awareness will help you keep the toxic ones at bay. You now know a narcissist has no regard for other people’s feelings and emotions so they will constantly putting others down.

They never apologize and always complain. Read more about their other traits so that you know right away when you’ve met one.

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