10 Signs He’s Worthy Of Your Love

His face just lights up when he sees you and you get instant butterflies, even if you’ve been together for a while now. You have invested all of you in this relationship and want to know if you really are on the same page. It’s only natural that you’d expect him to commit just as strongly as you are.

Here are 10 sure clues that he is worth all of your love and passion:

1. He is honest

Honesty is the foundation of any healthy and happy relationship. Your partner is always telling  the truth because he trusts you.

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2. He stands by you wholeheartedly

A good kind man will not leave your side, especially when you’re going through something.

3. He is not afraid to talk about his feelings

He is in touch with his emotions and usually knows how to handle them. This means he will be able to communicate with you without hiding his true feelings.

4. He inspires you every day

A good man is a true inspiration for you. He determines you to improve yourself and stay true to who you are.

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5. He is very supportive

He knows about your life goals and is just as committed as you are when it comes to accomplishing them.

6. He always seeks to improve himself

He wants to be a better person and relies on you for inspiration and for always perfecting himself.

7. He makes you feel safe and secure

When you cuddle or make love, you feel like there’s no other place on this planet where you could feel safer.

8. He pays attention to the little things

He knows how to listen to you and never misses anything. And he also pays attention to your likes and dislikes and would do anything to make you happy.

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9. He trusts you

Your partner is never jealous of you because he knows you would never cheat on him.

10. He makes you feel beautiful (inside and out)

He really doesn’t have to tell you how beautiful you are every day. But he must act as if you are the most beautiful human being in his life.

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