4 Ways To Tell If They Are Cheating On You

It’s not the end of the world if we’re physically attracted to people other than our partners. What is devastating is acting on it, turning that physical attraction into something more.

It’s completely natural to be attracted to the opposite sex and you know it. It may have happened to you a bunch of times and let’s face it, it might have happened to your partner as well.

However, at times, that sexual desire evolves into a romantic desire, which is way more complicated. A friendship that is too close can slide into an emotional relationship faster than you can imagine, getting the both of you to a boiling point.

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Moreover, emotional affairs are harder to get over; they usually tend to create a mess because nobody likes love triangles.

So what are the red flags that signal an emotional affair?

1. The aloof behavior

Is your lover being distant? Has your sex life dropped drastically? Is he not paying attention to you anymore? Is he not speaking to you that much? In that case, he may be getting the emotional support from somebody else, a definite sign of a romantic attachment.

2. The slip of the tongue

If your partner unconsciously starts mentioning this friend a lot, that’s another warning of something rather shady. If, for instance, he starts talking about the benefits of blueberries or whatnot, it’s obvious he’s having vivid conversations with someone else.

3. The fishy story

If you are sensing a suspicion about your lover, then it’s probably your gut telling you the truth. Trust your intuition at all times, it will never let you down. You know deep down when something is wrong, there’s no point in denying it. See if you can bring it up in a conversation. Perhaps they haven’t committed anything yet.

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4. The appalling line ‘We are just friends’

When you’re starting to have doubts, ask your significant other about that new person in his life. If his answer is brief and vague, like ‘we are just friends‘, then he delivers the four most eerie words for a relationship. It’s not just a fling, it’s something deeper than that.

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