5 Warning Signs That Your Partner Is Gaslighting You

Gaslighting is all about manipulating someone to gain more power over them. It’s about emotional manipulation just as much as it is about brainwashing. And who would want to go through that with a partner?

But believe it or not, this happens in many relationships. Some people want to make others victims and even question their reality. Of course, the trick only works if you trust your partner blindly.

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So here are 5 warning signs of gaslighting in your relationship:

1. They’re lying to you

People who use this technique in order to manipulate you are blatant liars. And they would never admit to having lied to you about something.

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2. They wear you down

If a partner only tries to bring you down with every occasion, then chances are they are very toxic for you.

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3. They project

This means that they will constantly accusing you of something they are to blame, like cheating maybe.

4. Their actions don’t match their words

What they’re saying it’s just talk. At the end of the day, what matters is what they do.

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5. They want to control with every opportunity they get

This is a big part of the gaslighting technique. The main purpose is to control you and your emotions.

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