10 Times Our Loved Ones Gave Us Bad Advice And We Believed Them

We trust our friends and family. After all, they know us the best. But what about when they gave us the worst advice and we believed them? Here are 10 examples when our loved ones gave us some crappy-crappy advice.

1. “You should smile more. Even if you don’t feel like it.”

2. “Heartbroken? Just have more sex!”

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3. “You shouldn’t be sad. You should be happy.”

4. “Higher education pays for itself.”

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5. “You know what would look good on you? This cool tattoo of a snake eating a rat.”

6. “This (field of interest of your choice) is not for girls. You should forget about it.”

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7. “You should let me cut your hair. How hard can it be?”

8. “Be jealous just in case. All men cheat anyways.”

9. “Control your woman!”

10. “You know what ladies like? Being told what to do.”

What about? What advice did you follow and regret instantly?