4 Cases When Your Friend’s Smile Should Worry You

Pain doesn’t always cry. Sometimes it smiles. You know the kind of smile I’m talking about, the one that’s just a bit off, that seems to be directed at something that is not really there.

Sometimes people who are in too much pain to verbalize it act strangely. While they’re not doing something unusual in particular, there’s something off about them. You should pay more attention if someone close to you finds themselves often in one or more the following situations.

1. They seem “too happy”

It’s not unusual for depressed people to use humor as a defense mechanism. That’s why their laughter or smile can seem a bit off, because it is actually an overcompensation for the pain they feel inside.

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2. They are not quite there

People who struggle within have a hard time socializing, especially when they are surrounded by strangers. Being spaced out or sitting alone in a corner at a social gathering where everybody is having fun means they are in negative thought loop.

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3. They don’t talk as much as they used to do

When all you can do is register the pain you’re suffering, the last thing you want to do is make small talk. Or talk at all. Cutting themselves from the conversation they would normally enjoy is an obvious sign that there’s something wrong with your friend.

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4. They spend a lot of time alone

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your own company and spending time with your own thoughts and feelings. But if your close friend hasn’t called you or even answer your calls for a long time, you’d better check again on them. Isolation can really be dangerous in a emotionally imbalanced situation.

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