10 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your New Relationship

A new relationship is full of excitement and promise. It has all the ingredients for a major love story, especially when you feel that intense connection right from the start. It’s a fresh beginning and you vowed not to make the same mistakes again. Until you find some ways of sabotaging it, for your inner voice can be, oh, so destructive.

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The voice within is often way too critical, bringing out all the insecurities, frustrations and feelings of unworthiness. It can be so loud sometimes, it may push you to take some doubtful decisions regarding the relationship. Those who haven’t made amends with their self-loathing habits will think they do not deserve to be loved.

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So you unconsciously sabotage the relationship, out of fear you’ll get hurt again. You may fall in love and they may leave you, that’s frightening. Thwarting your new relationship protects your heart and your ego, doing this allows you to reject them before you get rejected.

1. You assume things without trying to find out the truth.

2. You’re overly cautious, walking away any moment now.

3. You project your insecurities on to your partner.

4. You have absurdly high expectations.

5. You’re afraid to let go and fall deeply in love.

6. You pretending to be someone you’re not.

7. You cheat or keep in touch with your ex.

8. You think about future-compatibility more than ever before.

9. You build a wall around your heart and keep your emotions securely locked up.

10. You make a list of pro and cons, highlighting the flaws, obviously.

Having bad experiences in relationships does not mean they’re all the same and you’ll end up with your heart broken. You must always take the risk. Love is a risk! Please share this!