17 Things You Should Give Up In Order To Be Happy

‘Happiness is like rising bubble, delightful and inevitably fleeting’. Like Danielle LaPorte beautifully put it, we shouldn’t seek happiness but contentment, the foundation for both joy and pleasure. We should aim to live an authentic life, to be true to ourselves and to give back, to try and make the world a better place.

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Here are 10 things that keep you from finding the perfectly shaped contentment bubble. Give up on them if you want to reach a level of happiness that satisfies both your mind and soul!

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1. The obsession with the past

2. The urge to complain

3. The need to be in control

4. The tendency to compare ourselves to others

5. The rush to judge other people

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6. The attempt to please everyone

7. The blame, the shame and, guilt inside

8. The desire to be always right

9. The noisy destructive voice within

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10. The entire inventory of fears

11. The dread of change

12. The impulse to say ‘I can’t’

13. The people who don’t respect you

14. The constant worries

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15. The hurry to put labels

16. The drive to make excuses

17. The super ridiculous expectations

Let go of these things and you’ll start living your life for real! Pass this on!