Only 2% Of The World Population Has This Eye Color

The very cliche expression “eyes are the window to our souls” is now backed up by science. Our eyebrows or how long our fingernails are maybe don’t exactly tell us who we are. But it’s different when it comes to the color of our eyes, or even the shape.

A study developed in Sweden tested more than 400 people to see if there’s really any link between their eyes and their personalities. Apparently there is. And that’s because the eye is so linked to our brains that it holds vital clues to our brain function.

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But what is the rarest eye color in the world?

The answer is GREEN. So if you have green eyes, consider yourself lucky. And quite unique too. Here’s why.

What most people don’t know is that your eye color actually depends on the amount of melanin you possess. A high level of melanin automatically leads to darker skin and darker eye color.

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The most common eye color is brown followed by blue and then green.

Thus, people with green eyes have a light melanin pigmentation. But what actually makes some eyes appear green is the combination between melanin and the Rayleigh scattering, which is the dispersion of light off of air molecules.

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Because they are so unique, there are a lot of myths and legends related to green-eyed people. Some say that they live longer or that they have supernatural powers. That probably isn’t true, but we sure know that people with green eyes are extremely attractive, playful and fun to be around.

Apparently, they are also passionate, whether it’s about their career or their relationships. They often have a clear set of values. They can be quiet, observant, patient and good listeners.

The vibe they send off is usually one of mystery and mysticism.

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Several studies say that green-eyed people are more creative and original with a balance between being agreeable and dominant.

Most participants of a study said that if they were to change their eye color, green would be their first choice.

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