Researchers Explain What The Shape Of Your Lips Says About You

We all know they say eyes are the mirror to one’s soul and that they may reveal our hidden emotions. But what about our lips? Research claims the size and shape of our lips have a lot to say about who we are.

It looks like facial features are important when it comes to reading a person so it’s not all in the body language. Researchers agree that our lips are one of those features that we need to pay attention to.

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Here’s what the shape of your lips can reveal about your personality:

Pouty or Full Lips

This type of lips belongs to confident people who know what they want and are not afraid to go get it.

Broad Lips

This is a sign that you are very balanced, nurturing, and generally supportive. Perfectionism is another trait these people have in common.

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Cupid Lips

People with a more peaked cupid bow tend to be more creative, glamorous, and great at communication. If you have a more rounded cupid bow, then you’re a very compassionate person who puts the others first.

Doll Lips

Women with this type of lips are thought to be more flirty people who spread joy and positivity around them whenever they have the chance to.

Thin Lips

Source: Brightside

People with this type of lips are most of the times introverted and even shy. They tend to feel more comfortable in their own presence only. Moreover, they are caring and practical individuals.

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Undefined Cupid Bow

Women who have lips with undefined cupid bow tend to be responsible, but also lack emotional boundaries.

Artificially Enhanced

Plumping your lower lip can mean you’re all about seeking pleasure and attention, while plumping your upper lip means the opinions of others matter to you.

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Plumper Middle

These people are usually the life of the party.

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