3 Psychological Reasons Why We Need Heroes In Our Lives

The hero and his adventures are a universal part of the human experience. It’s true that we tend to have heroes and to revere them mostly when we are young. But what makes a hero a hero and why do we need them?


Normally the hero is a character that does not necessarily have the greatest start in life.  What makes him appealing is exactly the capacity to reach beyond the limitations of his initial condition.

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The overcoming of the obstacles is the main characteristic of heroes. This give us the motivation to fulfill our own potential.

There are many holy grails out there for us to claim. The persons we admire, real of fictional, are the ones who knew exactly what they want in life and went for it.

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The road to their success might have been winding, but they still made it. We need this kind of hope in our lives.

We need to know that even when the times are dark, there’re something over the rainbow waiting for us and awarding our efforts.

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It’s not only motivation, a sense of meaning and inspiration that we seek in our heroes. They also teach us about vulnerability, distress and unfair situations.

Our heroes can make us more emotionally intelligent.

We learn how to cope with extreme situations, put ourselves in other people’s shoes and see our own problems as being small and manageable.

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