3 Reasons Why Men Choose Ghosting Over Breaking Up

Say you’ve been involved with this person for a few months or even years now. And one day, boom: he disappears. Weeks pass by and you still haven’t heard from him. You have no idea what’s going on or what went wrong. How could this happen?


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Indeed, there are men out there who prefer to simply walk away instead of breaking up. How so, you might ask? Why would a guy choose to disappear and not tell you face to face that it’s over?

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Well, there are a few reasons. And you can find them all here:

1. It’s just easier this way

This is probably one of the main reasons men decide to turn around and walk away as if nothing happened. It’s easier than having to explain what went wrong, why, when. So taking the easy way out is always an option. They’re imagining no one gets hurt this way. Or they just put the damage they do when they disappear out of their mind.

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2. Fear of conflict

One other reason why guys walk away is because they want to avoid awkward situations. They might be afraid of hurting the other person or that they may get angry and cause a scene. Or maybe they just make up all of this in their head as an excuse to disappear. Either way, they think it’s the nice peaceful way out.

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But for most women, this is even more excruciating. It leaves them wondering what happened and they will bury themselves in analyzing and ruminating over the matter.

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3. He can’t deal with the breakup

This means he is not really at peace with breaking up with you. He might have cared for you deeply, but he knows that you can’t go on being together. So he splits because the heartache is too much to take. At the same time, he prefers to keep quiet about his emotions. When a guy does this, chances are there have been communicating problems to begin with.

But maybe the most important thing is for you to know that their sudden disappearance is not your fault. Please, share this!