3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself To Others

We all compare ourselves with other people. Am I as successful, as smart, as attractive as X? We all do it. But we shouldn’t and here is why.

1. Nobody’s really perfect

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When we compare ourselves to others what we are really comparing ourselves to is our image of their lives. And that image is fragmentary and not at all representative of their lives. When you envy that perfect family photo on social media you don’t have access to those people’s daily lives, which are as complicated and messy as yours. Nobody is perfect and thinking that others are can really damage your self esteem.

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2. The differences that you see are not your fault

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When we perceive others as more successful or more attractive than us we consider it to be our fault. We didn’t work hard enough. We didn’t exercise enough. But in reality, most people success is due to having wealthy parents or better social connections. And how could we be responsible for something as random as genes?


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3. Comparing yourself to others leads to envy

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It’s hard to compare yourself with others, come out as lacking and still be happy for them. Often, in these situations we can’t help but feel envious, which in return damages the friendship. Try instead to learn something from them and do better next time.

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