6 Times When Saying I Love You Is A Bad Idea

Saying I love you can open the path to happiness. Or it can open the gates of hell. It only depends on when you say it. Here are some situations when saying it is a bad idea.

1. You’re drunk

While being drunk or high might make it easier for you to say I love you for the first time, you really shouldn’t. Your partner will doubt the sincerity of your words. Plus, you will want to remember this special moment, not be all foggy about it.

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2. You’ve just ended a serious relationship

If you are tempted to say I love you soon after you’ve started dating again, think again. It’s probably just an unconscious attempt to undo the pain you felt when you’ve ended your last relationship.

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3. Your partner is going through a really tough time

While it may seem a good idea to say I love you to your grieving partner, it’s really not. They might think you’re only saying it to make them feel better and not because you really mean it. Find other ways to be there for your partner and declare your love when they feel better.

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4. You think it’s love at first sight

It may seem romantic to say I love you to a person you’ve just met, but your partner will probably freak out. Give it time and see if your feelings are real.

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5. You’re just testing your partner

If you say these words to your partner to see if they’re going to say it back or not, maybe you shouldn’t. They should be an expression of your true feelings, not a way to test the relationship.

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6. You feel pressured to say it

The fact that your partner said it first, that you want to put an end to a fight or that you’ve been with this person for some time now are not valid reasons to say I love you.

The only good reason to say I love you is being sure of your feelings and wanting your partner to know about them. Please, share this!