3 Signs You’re Turning Into A Bitter Person

The lack of satisfaction in your life and the level of frustration are through the roof? Do you feel like you’ve dulled your senses so much to the point that you’re hopelessly jaded? Is there a slight hunch you’re turning into a bitter person?

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1. You think you deserve much more than you have

You feel like you’re entitled to more, in life and love equally. You believe everyone around you has it better than you. More often than not, you find yourself wondering about how people around you gain success and recognition. Why did your colleague get that promotion and you didn’t, why do your friends climb the ladder while you’re stuck in the same place?

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These questions are born out of feelings of smallness and inferiority. You’re way too absorbed in how others lead their life that you don’t actually do something about yours. You’re not satisfied with your personal nor your professional life and thus you’re filled with frustration. You are disappointed with every aspect of your life. You can’t scatter bitterness everywhere you go and expect for things to change, you must actually do something about it.

2. You think the world is your enemy

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Everyone is here to get you. Every other person has the vile intention to make you feel more miserable than you already are. You think all of them talk  behind your back, highlighting all your failures and shortcomings. That’s the foul outlook preventing you from letting people in your life. No matter what, there will always be people who care for you.

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3. You find it hard to be happy for your friends

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Another sign of bitterness taking over your life is if you ultimately cannot be glad for your friend’s success. You just can’t find the means to be happy for someone else. You’ve lost your positivity along the way and the negative governs every corner of your life.

Don’t let bitterness crush your soul! Pass this on!