3 Surprising Benefits Of Being Angry

We live in the era of positivity. Not that there are many things in the world we could be positive about right now, quite the opposite. But maybe because of that, there’s a whole trend of exterminating negative emotions from our lives as if they were rats coming to eat our faces. Anger is one those negative emotions people are trying to eliminate from their lives. But is it a good idea?

We are taught to strive for happiness at all costs, even when it means ignoring some of our darker emotions. Yet a healthy individual is the one who can experience and be comfortable with both positive and negative emotions.

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Anger has one of the worst reputations. But sometimes our anger is justified and shouldn’t be suppressed. It can have at least 3 positive outcomes.

1. Anger can motivate into action when you face injustice and you need to stand up for yourself or for others.

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2. It can fuel your creativity, as it was shown that people perform more creatively when they are angry than when they are sad or non-emotional.

3. Anger can increase your optimism, since angry people are more inclined to believe taking risks will pay off in the end.

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Of course, being consumed by anger and acting irrationally because of it can only lead to trouble. So the idea is not to go and start fights for no reason, but to listen to what your anger is telling you. Chances are there’s an injustice that you should try to fix. Please, share this!