5 Small Acts Of Courage That Really Make A Difference

Courage is an essential ingredient of a happy life. It fuels our need for change and for personal development. But we tend to believe courage implies grand gestures and world shattering changes. Sometimes, courage comes in small acts. Here are some ways you can practice it every day.


1. Smile to a stranger

Nowadays, when we walk on the street or we are on the subway, our gaze is stuck to our phones. But what about looking at the interesting people next to us? What about smiling to them, for no reason other than making them smile back? And if you feel really courageous, start a conversation with stranger. It may lead to a life time friendship.

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2. Don’t ignore the injustice that you witness

It may be a racist or a sexist comment on the internet or somebody being bullied at work. When you sum up the courage to say something, to defend an innocent man and voice your indignation in a clear and persuasive manner, you’ll experience a wonderful feeling. The feeling of being true to your convictions and protecting somebody that, for one reason or another, couldn’t protect themselves in that situation.

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3. Sing at the office party

You might not have the greatest voice in the world, but if you enjoy singing and the only thing that keeps you from doing it is embarrasement, pick up that mike! The pleasure that you will feel, the satisfaction that you will experience from overcoming your fear will make you feel proud.

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4. Say “I’m sorry”

It may seem as an insignificant thing, but when you look back at your actions and words, realize that you made a mistake and actually apologize for it, this is one of the bravest things you can do. You put your ego aside and act taking into consideration the feelings of others, not your need to be always right.

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5. Tell the truth

Telling the truth when lying would be much easier is a brave thing to do. People lie because they don’t want to admit certain things about themselves or because they are ashamed about their weaknesses. To tell the truth, no matter the consequences will set you free and boost your confidence.

These acts might seem small and insignificant, but the results will be amazing. Please, share this!